By Arnel Mandilag

Jack Jack (Bee)

Jack Jack is an incredible dog with many nicknames and even a few theme songs! He recently relocated from sunny Texas to the rainy Pacific Northwest. One of the good things Jack has discovered about the colder weather is his ability to experiment with fashion. His booty starts wigglin as soon as he sees his favorite gray hoodie and he has a variety of different colored bandanas to choose from. Although they’re pretty little, Jack’s legs take him to some pretty tall places! In addition to being able to jump really high (like on to the big bed), Jack Jack enjoys going on outdoor adventures. Rocks and logs are like a fun obstacle course, but water seems to still be up for debate, especially the ocean kind. When he’s not out and about, Jack enjoys couch snuggles and toy hoarding. His cat roommates Hodor and Meera are more interested in Jack than Jack is of them, but he’s starting to warm up to the idea of kitty snuggles.

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