By Arnel Mandilag

Bev & Schnitzel (Stephanie)

Beverly and Professor Schnitzel are two peas cuddling very closely together in a pod of warm blankets. Together, they foster senior dogs, wink at everyone, and compete on the professional napping circuit. Beverly is a mystery mutt who steals bananas, snuggles assertively, and overshares her feelings too soon in all of her relationships. Beverly’s best skills are blankets, being afraid of regular and expected things, and knocking things out of people’s hands to free them up for petting. Her charismatic elder brother, Professor Schnitzel, loves road tripping and has visited 22 states since he was adopted one year ago at age 13. In his down time between trips, the Professor has written an extraordinary thesis on the joys of peanut butter and won the prestigious Puplitzer Prize for dogoirs. Schnitzel also enjoys dining al fresco, making blanket forts, riding in the weinermobile, wiggling in the grass, shopping for bowties, inadvertently licking things, and moving his hips like yeah. As a Spokespuppo for The Pixie Project, the Professor’s turn as a male model on Portland billboards has given other underdogs hope for a bright future. He’s well-known for his keynote lecture entitled, “Old Doggo Do a Good Puppers Too,” which Beverly has translated into Pig Latin for their porcine friends.

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