By Paul Iarrobino

Bourbon with Beagle Podcast: COVIDOLOGY

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Paul has been working in the field of aging for 30 years. As a boomer, his aging mantra is to always be open to learning from your elders. And incidentally in his line of work that’s exactly what people do, and vice versa. In the last few years Paul has hosted the storytelling event, @hearthisboldvoice that connects generations across the spectrums of their lives. Through #COVID, Paul sought ways to keep, mostly elderly, folks who were experiencing extreme isolation connected to community. This then led to his latest book, COVIDOLOGY: Sharing Life Lessons from Behind the Mask. Join us as we discuss the resilience of the most vulnerable among us, the widely varying ways #COVID has impacted people across generations, and how fiercely protective Paul is of his storytellers, no matter what #age they are. Listen now!

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