Call for Story Pitches from Our Bold Voices—Defining Moments

As a continuation of our current anthology, Defining Moments, we are requesting no-cost pitches for our new anthology, Defiant Moments. We will take a deeper dive into ways we have advocated for ourselves and/or others in addressing inequities and stigmatization as members of the LGBTQ+ community. We are particularly interested in narratives that explore intersectional identities.

In more specific terms, we are looking for story pitches that meet at least one of these criteria:

  • Stakes Are High: you felt there was a lot to be lost/gained in this situation
  • Emotionally Invested: You had skin in the game and ended up crushed, exhilarated, etc.
  • Unusual Circumstances: The experience was unique and unusual
  • It Takes Guts! This is the type of story you would usually share with a close friend

Pitch Submission Instructions

Do NOT submit your completed story now! To have your story considered for inclusion in Defiant Moments, please first send us a brief story synopsis or pitch (500 words maximum). If your pitch is selected, you will receive instructions with further details. There is no fee to submit a pitch.

Story pitches must be submitted before 9/30/24 to be considered.

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