Storytelling That Gives Back!


Our Bold Voices believes in giving back to the community. Part of the proceeds of each show go to a charity that represents the show’s theme.

November 8, 2018: HolidazeSnowCap

Our Bold voices has selected SnowCap to be the recipient of part of our November 2018 proceeds. SnowCap provides critical essentials like emergency food, a mobile food pantry and clothing for individuals and families residing east of 82nd Avenue.

We selected SnowCap because they provide important basic needs throughout the year and we really want to support their efforts of bringing essentials during the holidays and winter.

September 26, 2018: Rescue Is For LoversThe Pixie Project

It didn’t take Paul long to approach The Pixie Project with the idea of a special storytelling event to express his gratitude for their recent adoption, Cecil.  We are grateful for Pixie’s commitment to always placing the pet’s best interests first, and backing that up every step of the way to support these placements.


Working with Paul and Our Bold Voices was amazing. Our event really brought together the entire Pixie Project community. It was a chance for adopters, volunteers, fosters, and staff to reconnect with each other and really hear what a difference animal rescue has made in all of their lives. Plus, it was great to hear how our favorite adopted cats and dogs are doing with their new families! We really enjoyed the entire experience and can't wait to make it an annual event.

—Jessica Berg
Development Director
The Pixie Project

September 13, 2018: Schooled!Women of Wisdom

Our Bold voices has selected Women of Wisdom to be the recipient of part of our September 2018 proceeds. WOW was chosen because they support a nurturing community of sisterhood for HIV positive women and provide peer-based support and mentorship for women in a holistic and supportive environment while reducing social isolation.

With a lack of services and programs for positive women, WOW has becomes a trusted and respected place to make connections with others, build friendships, escape isolation and stigma, manage health outcomes, and to become self-advocates for health care.


In September 2018, we were honored to learn our Women of Wisdom (WOW) program had been selected as a charity for the Schooled! Event, put on by Our Bold Voices. Founded in 2005, WOW remains the only psychosocial support program for HIV+ women and their children in all of Oregon and SW Washington. Despite progress to eliminate stigma and health barriers associated with HIV, there remains a tremendous lack of services for positive communities—especially for marginalized communities of color, women, and low-income groups. WOW is a program for positive women, facilitated by positive women. It is a program that fosters genuine bonds of sisterhood and belonging in a community battling isolation and stigma.

The stories of the WOW women are not often told. Paul's platform with Our Bold voices gave our WOW women such a platform. Validating these stories and sharing them with the public remains the most effective way to build bridges of empathy and compassion. Each of us rely on these connections, as they unite us in a shared moment between storyteller and audience. We are hugely grateful to Our Bold Voices for elevating these stories and giving them prominence. Without them, the wider public wouldn't see the core values of strength and resilience which define our WOW women. Thank you so very much.

—Rachel Boehm
Development and Communications Manager
Quest Center for Integrative Health

May 10, 2018: Audacious Aging!Vera's Purse

Our Bold voices has selected Vera's Purse to be the recipient of part of our May 2018 proceeds. Named in honor of Portland's beloved former Mayor Vera Katz, Vera's Purse was created by a visionary group of women to help low income, older women escape and avoid homelessness. This fund will be used for short-term emergency rental assistance, application fees, and other eviction prevention and homeless intervention supports. Vera’'s Purse provides Friendly House staff with yet another tool to help the vulnerable among us to live safely, with dignity and security.

Friendly House is honored to steward this fund—and we encourage you to join them by supporting Vera's Purse.


Our Bold Voices (OBV) is a new and innovative venture that serves to elevate the voices of marginalized people while introducing new audiences to the non-profits that work to serve these underrepresented groups. Paul Iarrobino transforms lives by helping individuals to share their life stories in a way that thrills, chills, and moves audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

The May OBV event raised over a $1000 for Friendly House’s Vera’s Purse Fund, and we reached 100’s of potential new donors through this exposure. We are so grateful to Our Bold Voices and to Paul Iarrobino for his visionary leadership.  It’s important for all Portland non-profits to have such a venue to get the word out to the broader community about their social services, and a transformative experience for the storytellers he mentors, and for the audience he engages.

—Mya Chamberlin
Assistant Director
Friendly House, Inc

March 8, 2018: Nevertheless, She PersistedFamily Preservation Project

Our Bold Voices has selected the Family Preservation Project to be the recipient of part of our March 2018 proceeds. We recognize how this agency supports mothers in prison rebuild relationships with their kids while working through their trauma and addiction, and providing education and skill-building resources. These women are already demonstrating remarkable persistence in turning their lives around.


In March, in honor of International Women’s Day, Our Bold Voices generously selected The Family Preservation Project of the YWCA of Greater Portland as the recipient of their charitable giving for their inaugural Storytelling Event. That evening, five courageous women boldly told their stories for the first time ever, to a sold out audience.

The Family Preservation Project highlighted a recent program graduate along with program staff to tell the story of the project through spoken word pieces. We were also able to engage the sold out audience in ways that they might get engaged and support the work.

Our organization raised funds that evening, as well as cultivating broad community support.

Paul is not only a talented event producer, mentor and emcee, he is a wonderful human who was a pleasure to work with. He was a  thoughtful partner every step of the way, and a natural collaborator and builder of community. The Family Preservation Project will look forward to working with Paul and Our Bold Voices on future collaborations.

—Jessica Katz, MSW
YWCA of Greater Portland
Family Preservation Project Director

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