By Arnel Mandilag

Clem (Lily)

Please meet Clementine, aka Clem. This sweet girl has a lot of favorite pastimes including, naps in the sunshine, sneaking food off the kitchen counter, chasing bumble bees, sneaking food out of grocery bags, long walks on the farm, sneaking food from the cat’s bowl, giving kisses, sneaking food from the neighbor’s garden, and charming people she meets with her heart of pure gold.

Clem makes a point to be friends with everyone….except squirrels. She may be an old soul but she is a pup at heart and will happily hop in the car for a joyride, practice her early morning yoga routine, and keep up with anyone as long as she can be a part of the gang.

It’s impossible not to smile when Clem is around. She makes every day better.

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