By Paul Iarrobino

Connect! Create! Contribute!

While I have pulled together countless Older Americans Month programs over the years, I am convinced this year’s event will be one of the most memorable for years to come.

How could that be? No government proclamation. No traditional storytelling. No fancy venue. What made it so special?

Human interaction! Putting away our distracting devices. Listening. Really listening. Asking questions.

I believe our panel discussion truly tapped into this year‘s theme, Connect, Create, Contribute. Our panelists discussed their unique journeys of redefining themselves honestly and with humor.

Our Bold Voices created this event with volunteer support at the Hollywood Senior Center (HSC). Thanks to the support of volunteers and attendees, we raised a total of $171 from refreshments, raffle sales, and net proceeds from ticket sales. HSC will use these funds towards purchasing a karaoke system. Senior center participants plan to use it for new activities.

Be sure to watch for an updated list of activities at the Hollywood Senior Center. You might just see an open mic karaoke event soon!


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