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Corbett Gordon

Corbett Gordon, 71, is the mother of four and grandmother of three. She lives with her Brittany Spaniels, cat, and a Betta fish in a vintage condo in Portland. Corbett maintains a part time pro bono law practice. She loves to travel and hates to garden (but loves to sit in her tiny garden with friends and sip wine while listening to jazz). She is overjoyed when others offer to cook for her.

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1 thought on “Corbett Gordon”

  1. From one Corbett, to another, the name being your grandmother’s, and my great grandmother’s maiden name. Salud! Congrats, I love your standup, Ronnie, the other Corbett comedian (note the eyebrows, and you can tell we’re related) , would’ve been proud. I do apologize, for whatever insanity I said to you on LinkedIn, I have been suffering from blood clots, I do not mean what was typed. Love your work, you are one of my most awesome cousins.

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