By Paul Iarrobino

Eliot Center to Host Igniting Voices on February 22, 2020

Our Bold Voices is excited to announce our latest production: Igniting Voices! We will be celebrating local trans and non-binary lives through stories and song. We will be basing this event on the hugely successful Prideful Voices Vancouver event. Our storytellers will represent new voices and experiences, and range in age from their teens to their seventies. Our program will deliver a truly unique and intergenerational experience.

Paul Iarrobino is working with new storytellers to speak about their authentic lived experience with confidence and heart. Like our Vancouver event, Acchord, an auditioned a cappella group, will express themselves musically and with brilliance and power.

With the federal government’s continued assault of rolling back recognition and protections of LGBTQ+ people under federal civil rights law, we need to share our stories, be visible, and unite in solidarity. I think of these events of pushing back as an “anti-erasure” movement against the conservative base, who want us to go away. We are not going anywhere.

This will be our first event with ASL interpretation provided. We are grateful to Fingers Crossed Interpreters for their partnership in making our event more accessible.

If storytelling and music are not enough, we will also host a community night market immediately following. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy complimentary light refreshments and network with local agencies and businesses serving trans and non-binary people.

This event is made possible by generous support from First Unitarian Portland.

Tickets are sliding scale. Click the button below to order or go to See you there!

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