By Paul Iarrobino

Igniting Voices Now Memorialized

Have you ever imagined what it’s like to be transgender or nonbinary? Do you ever wonder why some of them wanted to change and don’t feel right in the bodies they were born with? What does it mean to be neither male nor female? I don’t think I’ll ever understand fully what these courageous heroes endured, but here are their stories about what it feels to be really different, really apart from society’s expectations, and why I feel their stories need to be heard around the world. These people are wonderful inside and out. We get to only see a glimpse of their struggles to let their true nature be visible to everyone…but we also get to share the joy they ultimately found within themselves.

We are pleased to release video clips from our most recent performance, Igniting Voices, featuring Acchord.

We received many requests for these clips from people who attended the show and have been patiently waiting to share these stories with family and friends from out of town. This has been one of our most powerful performances to date and our first team of gifted multi-generational storytellers.

We hope you enjoy these stories and the outstanding musical performance!

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