By Arnel Mandilag

Izzy & Shiloh (Mitchell)

Izzy and Shilo have bonded like brother and sister. Izzy is definitely the older sister at 9 and has her own personality. She enjoys having her tail pulled on, tummy rubs and shoes…what perfect little lady doesn’t like shoes. She likes to take naps in bed with either dad, and prefers a hip to sleep on. Izzy has a cute little voice when she speaks, which is not very often, but if she has something to say you will know it. Izzy doesn’t lay down. She flops over, with one dramatic plop! Shiloh is just a boy at age 7. He teases his sister, chases her and Izzy sometimes stops and raise her paw for one quick swat and Shiloh is put in his place, but he’s not sure what just happened. Shiloh is also a poser, when he lies down; his front paws are always crossed. But, he is also clumsy, with big feet, and a motor that won’t stop when you give him loves. Morning loves are his favorite. That, and a full bowl of food. He loves to eat. He’s training to be a linebacker! They both like to eat. Chicken and BBQ pork are their favorites. Izzy likes anything that is crunchy and salty. These two have enriched our lives since we lost our Zoie of 19 years. The Pixie Project made the transition easy and we are so glad we adopted Izzy and Shiloh.

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