November 8, 2018: Holidaze

Carol Brownlow

Carol is a retired coach, educator, and college administrator. Raised in a family with 60 first cousins, she knows a lot about the challenges of celebrating the holidays. As an active volunteer, she serves on SAGE Metro Portland’s Housing Committee and facilitates a 70+ women’s group. In her free time, she enjoys golf, dancing, and movies.

Pat McCreery

Pat is a lifelong Oregonian, a nearly two-and-a-half decade high school teacher, a twenty-year husband, a fumbling and well-intentioned father of two teenagers, and an emerging storyteller. He’s been lucky enough to have traveled, and in doing so, has garnered both a literal and metaphoric taste for the adventurous.  You’ll find traces of some of those awkward adventures, as well as hints at growing up in awkwardly progressive white Eugene, Oregon, amid an awkwardly beautiful and complex family in his tales.  Most people he knows think he’s a pretty nice dude, some people think he’s funny, his family seems to enjoy his cooking, and he thinks life is pretty darn grand.

Denise Olsen

Denise was born and raised in Chicago and has lived in Portland for over 16 years. She is married to an amazing artist and has two young boys ages 9 and 6. She loves exploring new parks with her kids and playing in the sand on the coast. Denise is a designer and marketing project manager at an environmental non-profit. She has been perfecting her paleo baking and enjoys riding her bike and doing a bootcamp-style fitness.

Matt Wagner

Matt grew up in Minnesota and has lived in Portland, Oregon for the last 25 years. He's a passionate gardener and enjoys spending his free time with his fur babies. He loves his work as a transformational coach and energy practitioner.

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