Heidimarie Goertzen

Paul Iarrobino came to Benson Polytechnic High School to share with Modern World History students his personal stories and the heroes that built the LGBTQ+ movement in America. Starting with Stonewall and ending with empowering students to think of current day LGBTQ+ activists who are changing the world and forging tolerance and acceptance of our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters. Paul challenged students to further their research and their study of LGBTQ+ people and communities to continue breaking the silence that has led to increased tolerance, understanding, appreciation and care for all. Especially in a climate where some states are taking draconian measures to continue silencing LGBTQ+ communities, forcing many back into the closet. Our students really appreciated Paul’s visit. Paul’s history lesson(s) elevated all of us all year as student’s and staff continued to refer to his visit (and content) in subsequent lessons and discussions. Thank you, Paul! You have touched our lives in unimaginable ways. We are so grateful.

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