Jessica Katz

In March, in honor of International Women’s Day, Our Bold Voices generously selected The Family Preservation Project of the YWCA of Greater Portland as the recipient of their charitable giving for their inaugural Storytelling Event. That evening, five courageous women boldly told their stories for the first time ever, to a sold out audience.

The Family Preservation Project highlighted a recent program graduate along with program staff to tell the story of the project through spoken word pieces. We were also able to engage the sold out audience in ways that they might get engaged and support the work.

Our organization raised funds that evening, as well as cultivating broad community support.

Paul is not only a talented event producer, mentor and emcee, he is a wonderful human who was a pleasure to work with. He was a thoughtful partner every step of the way, and a natural collaborator and builder of community. The Family Preservation Project will look forward to working with Paul and Our Bold Voices on future collaborations.

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