Mya Chamberlin

Our Bold Voices (OBV) is a new and innovative venture that serves to elevate the voices of marginalized people while introducing new audiences to the non-profits that work to serve these underrepresented groups. Paul Iarrobino transforms lives by helping individuals to share their life stories in a way that thrills, chills, and moves audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

The May OBV event raised over a $1000 for Friendly House’s Vera’s Purse Fund, and we reached 100’s of potential new donors through this exposure. We are so grateful to Our Bold Voices and to Paul Iarrobino for his visionary leadership. It’s important for all Portland non-profits to have such a venue to get the word out to the broader community about their social services, and a transformative experience for the storytellers he mentors, and for the audience he engages.

#myachamberlin #friendlyhouse

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