Scott Strickland

I had the opportunity to work with Paul and Our Bold Voices as I crafted my first attempt at storytelling. It was an experience of growth and maturing that I could never have expected when I started over a year ago. As a novice writer I was part of learning the process of developing a story in collaboration with scores of other creative people. I learned the big picture and critical details of writing. The partnership with coaches, mentors, technical advisors and a broad spectrum of other writers made me feel warmly welcomed and supported but never alone. I am a better writer now.

The personal growth I experienced from the process could never have been expected. I learned that writing was more than words and punctuation. Writing is a window into your soul. I learned to explore myself and grow while sharing my journey in a safe space. Writing made me a wiser person and as I grew wiser, I was a better writer. It was an upward spiral of learning while enjoying the company of some of the finest people I have ever met.

Personal growth comes at the most unexpected times and I am so happy that I opened myself to this experience. Paul and Our Bold Voices are a treasure.

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