By Arnel Mandilag

Odin & Domino (Trang)

Odin and Domino are living miracles born as abandoned strays. They have never been apart and share a strong brotherly bond even when born among a litter of 5! Although close as can be; they couldn’t be further apart in personality. Domino is loving, vocal and dependent while Odin is quiet, brooding and independent with the occasional need for attention. While he’s blessed with just one eye, Odin makes up for it with his feistiness and caution when he feels threatened and is bested by no one in a game of hide and seek. Domino is a sweetheart who loves attention more than anything in the world- next to his brother of course. He’s named lovingly for his interesting spots, and Odin is named after the Norse Allfather, who famously dons an eye patch after losing his eye in battle.

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