February 22, 2020: Igniting Voices

The Eliot Center hosts Igniting Voices, bringing the audience experiences and stories from trans and non-binary people, and featuring Acchord’s beautiful voices in song.


Igniting Voices: Acchord

Acchord’s touching musical performance rounded out our event. #ignitingvoices #firstunitarianportland #acchord

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Igniting Voices: Dallas Schafte

Dallas’ self-discovery started at a summer day camp and they explain future developments that help define their identity. #ignitingvoices #firstunitarianportland #dallasschafte

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Igniting Voices: Jamison Green

Jamison explains his journey before the right vocabulary existed and provides a valuable historical context to understanding trans identity. #ignitingvoices #firstunitarianportland #jamisongreen

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Igniting Voices: Tyler Horan

Tyler’s story is awkwardly jubilant and told with humor and heart. #ignitingvoices #firstunitarianportland #tylerhoran

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Igniting Voices: Marilyn Lowles

Marilyn’s evolution occurred later in life and reminds us that it’s never too late to change. #ignitingvoices #firstunitarianportland #marilynlowles

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Igniting Voices: Rowan Everard

Rowan’s search for self-acceptance and capacity for being loved is told with candor and warmth. #ignitingvoices #firstunitarianportland #rowaneverard

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Igniting Voices: Ari Rain

Ari benefits greatly from supportive community with his ability to put his own personal spin on his experience. #ignitingvoices #firstunitarianportland #arirain

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October 20, 2019: Coming Out as You

Battle Ground High School hosts “Coming Out as You” for National Coming Out Month.


Coming Out as You: Solé Kapralova Solé relives a few awkward high school moments to help us understand her coming-out experience. #solekapralova #comingoutasyou #battleground

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Coming Out as You: Stephen Herndon Stephen’s coming-out process happened later in life. He explains the transitions while finding his true self with humility and candor. #stephenherndon #comingoutasyou #battleground

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Coming Out as You: Joshua Thomas Joshua takes the time to unpack years of internal struggles before his coming out to his family a decade ago. With honesty and humor, …

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Coming Out as You: Grayson Cole

Grayson walks us through their journey of removing old beliefs and assumptions that no longer match their true identity. #graysoncole #comingoutasyou #battleground

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Coming Out as You: Rhys & Melanie Davis What’s it like to come out to your family and community as a fourteen year old in Battle Ground? This mother-daughter team relives those …

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Coming Out as You: Joe Marshall Joe explores what it means to be himself before he had the words to explain it. See why he’s our favorite super hero! #joemarshall

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October 12, 2019: Our Stories

Camas Library hosts “Our Stories” for National Coming Out Month.

September 14, 2019: Resilient Voices

Storytelling, art, music, and poetry from people affected by and/or aging with HIV/AIDS.


Resilient Voices: Weston Anderson

Weston is a writer and shares their experience from a global lens. #resilientvoices #westonanderson

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Resilient Voices: Dr. Chris Evans

​Chris examines HIV from his experience shaped from the early days of the epidemic in New York City, to Texas and now in Portland.​ #resilientvoices

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Resilient Voices: Jim McDonald #resilientvoices #jimmcdonald

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Resilient Voices: Kera Magarill & Jill Williams #resilientvoices #keramagarill #jillwilliams

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Resilient Voices: Chase Garber

The soulful and talented Chase entertained the audience with his harp and vocals. #resilientvoices #chasegarber

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Resilient Voices: Larry Hill

Larry expressed three decades of being a long term survivor through his work and community experience through poetry. Powerful! #resilientvoices #larryhill

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Resilient Voices: Don Baldwin, David Gibbs, Welder Vasquez #resilientvoices #donbaldwin #davidgibbs #waltervasquez

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Resilient Voices: David Gibbs

David had our audience spellbound with his journey of being diagnosed with HIV and lessons he is learning along the way that lead to self-acceptance …

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June 8, 2019: Generations of Pride

An evening of storytelling across generations and experiences in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Stonewall.


Generations of Pride – Marnie Freeman

#generationsofpride #marniefreeman

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Generations of Pride – Cynthia Butts

#generationsofpride #cynthiabutts

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Generations of Pride – Judge Kemp

#generationsofpride #judgekemp

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Generations of Pride – Joshua Thomas

#generationsofpride #joshuathomas

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Generations of Pride – Stacey Rice

#generationsofpride #staceyrice

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June 2, 2019: Prideful Voices Vancouver

Celebrate a special afternoon of storytelling and music featuring local young LGBTQ+ voices and Acchord, an auditioned a capella group composed of transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming musicians.


Prideful Voices 2019 – Acchord

#pridefulvoices #acchord #amirshirazi

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Prideful Voices 2019 – Quinn McCray

#pridefulvoices #quinnmccray

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Prideful Voices 2019 – Joe Marshall

#pridefulvoices #joemarshall

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Prideful Voices 2019 – Dhiren Grove

#pridefulvoices #dhirengrove

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Prideful Voices 2019 – Abasi Umoh

#pridefulvoices #abasiumoh

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Prideful Voices 2019 – Stephen Herndon – Storyteller Snippet

#pridefulvoices #stephenherndon #triplepoint

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Prideful Voices 2019 – Joe Marshall – Storyteller Snippet

#pridefulvoices #joemarshall

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Prideful Voices 2019 – Dhiren Grove – Storyteller Snippet

#pridefulvoices #dhirengrove

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Prideful Voices 2019 – Abasi Umoh – Storyteller Snippet

#pridefulvoices #abasiumoh

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Prideful Voices 2019 – Amir Shirazi – Storyteller Snippet

#pridefulvoices #amirshirazi #acchord

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Prideful Voices 2019 – Quinn – Storyteller Snippet

#pridefulvoices #quinnmccray

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May 4, 2019: Rewired, Not Retired

A feature on local older adults who retired from traditional careers only to find new meaning doing something very different.

February 14, 2019: How We Met

A special night celebrating local LGBTQ couples with raffle benefiting Portland Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’s community charity fund.


Nick Chiacchiaro & Windrin ‘Cris’ Crisostomos

Nick and Cris both come from strong family and cultural backgrounds: Nick is Italian and Cris is Dominican/Greek. Energetic, outgoing and artistic perfectly describes both …

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Cynthia Butts & Ellen Yarnell

Cynthia was born to sing and uses her beautiful voice and warm spirit to spread love in the world. Ellen is a hard working, loyal, …

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Heidi & James Green

Heidi is a dynamic and creative instructional designer and passionate activist for LGBT workplace equality and anti-racism. James is an author, legal scholar, and an …

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How We Met Game Show

How well did our couples do with each other‘s habits? Watch and find out! #howwemet #ellenyarnell #cynthiabutts #heidigreen #jamesgreen #judgekemp #ericschnell #nickchiacchiaro #windrincrisostomos

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Judge Kemp & Eric Schnell

Eric designs custom homes, including their spectacular home in North Portland. Judge is a familiar face among LGBTQ Portlanders because of his history of community …

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November 8, 2018: Holidaze

Storytellers share their one-of-a-kind holiday stories with partial proceeds benefiting SnowCap.


Carol Brownlow

Carol is a retired coach, educator, and college administrator. Raised in a family with 60 first cousins, she knows a lot about the challenges of …

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Pat McCreery

Pat is a lifelong Oregonian, a nearly two-and-a-half decade high school teacher, a twenty-year husband, a fumbling and well-intentioned father of two teenagers, and an …

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Denise Olsen

Denise was born and raised in Chicago and has lived in Portland for over 16 years. She is married to an amazing artist and has …

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Matt Wagner

Matt grew up in Minnesota and has lived in Portland, Oregon for the last 25 years. He’s a passionate gardener and enjoys spending his free …

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September 26, 2018: The Pixie Project–Rescue Is for Lovers

Rescue Is for Lovers! Six Pixie adopters share their Pixie adoption love stories at a storytelling fundraiser event.


Bev & Schnitzel (Stephanie)

Beverly and Professor Schnitzel are two peas cuddling very closely together in a pod of warm blankets. Together, they foster senior dogs, wink at everyone, …

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Izzy & Shiloh (Mitchell)

Izzy and Shilo have bonded like brother and sister. Izzy is definitely the older sister at 9 and has her own personality. She enjoys having …

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Clem (Lily)

Please meet Clementine, aka Clem. This sweet girl has a lot of favorite pastimes including, naps in the sunshine, sneaking food off the kitchen counter, …

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Odin & Domino (Trang)

Odin and Domino are living miracles born as abandoned strays. They have never been apart and share a strong brotherly bond even when born among …

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Jack Jack (Bee)

Jack Jack is an incredible dog with many nicknames and even a few theme songs! He recently relocated from sunny Texas to the rainy Pacific …

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Cecil (Paul)

Cecil came into our lives earlier this year. Our hearts were still heavy from the loss of Crumpet last fall. He came to us with …

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September 13, 2018: Schooled

Mentorship stories told by five new and bold storytellers with partial proceeds benefiting Women of Wisdom.


Tymon “Tye” L. Bentley

Tymon also known as Tye, is a public speaker, entrepreneur, creative writer, blogger, and singer/songwriter. Tye is very adventurous, connected to nature, and a spiritually-influenced …

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Gini Graham

Gini was nurse manager in Post Partum at St. Vincent for 15 yrs before retiring last year. Traveling has been a constant theme in her …

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Myranda Harris

Myranda is a community advocate for health care equality and access for women and children. She is particularly passionate about ensuring the voices of HIV-positive …

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Dana Jolivet

Dana is a native Atlantan. Six years ago she moved across the country for a new experience. She is the single mother to two beautiful …

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Joshua Thomas

Joshua is a gay African-American male, born and raised in a religious family and conservative community in Galesburg, Illinois. In search of acceptance from his …

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May 10, 2018: Audacious Aging

Wisdom, fierceness, compassion and humor. All told through new older adult storytellers. Partial proceeds benefiting Vera’s Purse.


Ken Brinson

Ken was born and raised in a small town in the rural South during the racially, politically, and uncivilly charged 1960’s…the foundation of a life …

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Corbett Gordon

Corbett Gordon, 71, is the mother of four and grandmother of three. She lives with her Brittany Spaniels, cat, and a Betta fish in a …

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Elizabeth Roberts

Elizabeth is a retired psychologist, who presently guides people on spiritual journeys through hypnotherapy. She was born and raised in the south, but has lived …

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Greg Sievers

Greg is a Native Oregonian, happily married to Kathy 45 years, and has raised four children. He works as an organization development consultant, coach, facilitator …

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Turella Woods

Turella Woods spent 15 years in the banking and insurance industry prior to working with older adults and finally retiring as an event planner. She …

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March 8, 2018: Nevertheless, She Persisted

Our special inaugural show with all women sharing their powerful stories of persistence. Partial proceeds benefiting Family Preservation Project.


Alicia Heddon

Alicia is a Native Oregonian and a mother of 2 incredible young boys. She enjoys spending time outdoors with family and staying active with CrossFit …

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Cosette “Coco” Leary

Cosette ”CoCo“ Leary has overcome a childhood of poverty and abuse, raised four children through hard work and painful decisions, and has gone from surviving …

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Denise Peña

Denise was born in Brasil but grew up here in the United States. She’s the mother of two and works advocating on behalf of victims. …

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Stacey Rice

Stacey Rice is a speaker, educator and consultant who found her way to Portland from the North Carolina mountains a little over six years ago. …

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Ellen Wolfson

Ellen Wolfson is a social worker, community builder, musician and storyteller. She plays in a popular Portland women’s marimba band, Chicamarimba. She, her wife, and …

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