By Paul Iarrobino

Pride Month Reflections

During the whirlwind of our Pride Month book tour, amidst the buzz of multiple authors and the exhilaration of connecting with readers, I received an unexpected invitation from OPB. They proposed a unique conversation between myself, a seasoned queer storyteller, and Roland, about half my age. Despite our age difference and unfamiliarity with each other, I eagerly agreed, intrigued by the opportunity to explore the complexities of queer identity across generations.

Our conversation unfolded organically, delving into the nuances of our experiences as queer individuals. Roland shared his perspective on navigating the challenging, contemporary landscape, marked by increased visibility but peppered with increased violence. I listened intently, drawing parallels between our journeys and reflecting on the ways in which the queer community has evolved over time.

As we delved deeper into our dialogue, we discovered unexpected commonalities amidst our differences. We both emphasized the importance of embracing our authentic selves and the power of community in fostering resilience. We discussed the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ youth and the need for inclusive and affirming spaces.

Through our open and honest exchange, we not only bridged a generational gap but also created a platform for intergenerational understanding and support. Our conversation served as a reminder that while our experiences may differ, our shared queer identity unites us in a collective struggle for equality and acceptance.

Take a listen! Intergenerational Oregon Storytellers Combat Queer Erasure

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