By Paul Iarrobino

PSU Vanguard: In Their Own Words

Trans Lives Matter!

The PSU Vanguard wrote about our event. Read it here!

As I reflect on the success of our recent event, I am reminded how important it is to tell our own stories as a means of connecting with others. These experiences affect our heads, hearts and hands. Hands, you may ask. What does that mean!? How does storytelling affect our hands?

It’s actually quite simple. It’s another way of saying a call to action. Let me give you an example. The following day I received an email from grandparents who are also allies. Here’s what was sent:

We attended the incredible program yesterday afternoon at First Unitarian in Portland! Thank you so much for a wonderful experience and opportunity to be a part of such a supportive group of people.  My wife and I are allies who have a granddaughter, age 16, and they came out this past summer as demisexual.  They currently live in the Midwest but are exploring moving to the Portland area for college (potentially Reed College) where they will have much more opportunity to be part of a vibrant LBGTQ+ community.  We forwarded your website URL to them and are anxious to share a link to the video of yesterday’s program.  Do you have any estimated date when that video may be up on your site?

This is what a call to action looks like. Each audience member is affected differently and it’s up to them how they choose to move forward with these stories in their heads and hearts. This gives me hope and I am thankful for these six brave souls for creating this opportunity for learning and advocacy.

And the videos will be up in the next couple weeks!

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