By Paul Iarrobino

Review by Jeff Stookey

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These are incredibly brave and vulnerable stories — as extremely varied as the LGBTQAI+ community. They deal with coming to terms with identity, internalized homophobia, societal stigmatization, and so much more. All the people who are giving us these stories go through a period of turmoil — but they all come out on the other side with some measure of healing, acceptance, and resilience.

You will also find some valuable history in these personal stories, which are affected by events like the murder of Harvey Milk, the AIDS crisis, and various cultural touchstones — described in the endnotes following each piece.

Paul Iarrobino and a handful of his contributors have been reading excerpts from these stories at venues around the Portland, Oregon area. Not only are they spreading the word about this heartfelt publication, but also giving visibility to the many facets of the queer community. These venues have included Queer Straight Alliance groups in middle schools, and the presenters have celebrated these conversations as profoundly moving exchanges both from readers to their young audiences, as well as from the youngsters reactions to their elders.

I recommend this book to anyone in the queer community who wants reassurance, to everyone in the straight community for an understanding of what queer people experience, and to any reader who wants an uplifting read.

Jeff Stookey, author of Medicine for the Blues trilogy

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