September 13, 2018: Schooled

Tymon L. Bentley

Tymon also known as Tye, is a public speaker, entrepreneur, creative writer, blogger, and singer/songwriter. Tye is very adventurous, connected to nature, and a spiritually-influenced individual. Born and raised in Portland, he continues to bloom. Overcoming many tough issues has taught him life skills. He continues to grow personally and professionally. Tye believes growth is never overrated and is an important choice for a successful characterization of yourself.

Gini Graham

Gini was nurse manager in Post Partum at St. Vincent for 15 yrs before retiring last year. Traveling has been a constant theme in her life since graduating college. She has been to 44 states and 37 countries. Most recently she traveled to Cuba and will return to Jamaica for her fifth year as a volunteer with a dental mission in Jamaica. Gini has been married for 39 years and is the proud mom of two sons and two granddaughters.

Myranda Harris

Myranda is a community advocate for health care equality and access for women and children. She is particularly passionate about ensuring the voices of  HIV-positive women are heard and frequently provides testimony at conferences and advisory groups. Locally, she lends her voice and talents for various advisory councils to address health inequities for women and children. She is proud of her daughter, daughter in-law & five year old grandson. Myranda enjoys reading, movies, playing chess, and time with her pet chinchilla, Ramzi.

Dana Jolivet

Dana is a native Atlantan. Six years ago she moved across the country for a new experience. She is the single mother to two beautiful girls, 17 and 13. Dana is an executive recruiter for a global consulting firm. She enjoys doing Pilates and spending time with friends.

Joshua Thomas

Joshua is a gay African-American male, born and raised in a religious family and conservative community in Galesburg, Illinois. In search of acceptance from his peers, he suppressed his identities to avoid humiliation and rejection. After graduating from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, he moved to Portland. He discovered his passion for social justice while volunteering for Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon. While still harboring some of the insecurities from his childhood and early twenties, he began his spiritual journey to break through his oppression and reveal his authentic self. Following his passion to eliminate hunger in the state of Oregon, he began his career at Oregon Food Bank, where he was introduced to his mentor Daisaku Ikeda.

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