September 26, 2018: The Pixie Project - Rescue Is for Lovers

Bev & Schnitzel (Stephanie)

Beverly and Professor Schnitzel are two peas cuddling very closely together in a pod of warm blankets. Together, they foster senior dogs, wink at everyone, and compete on the professional napping circuit. Beverly is a mystery mutt who steals bananas, snuggles assertively, and overshares her feelings too soon in all of her relationships. Beverly’s best skills are blankets, being afraid of regular and expected things, and knocking things out of people’s hands to free them up for petting. Her charismatic elder brother, Professor Schnitzel, loves road tripping and has visited 22 states since he was adopted one year ago at age 13. In his down time between trips, the Professor has written an extraordinary thesis on the joys of peanut butter and won the prestigious Puplitzer Prize for dogoirs. Schnitzel also enjoys dining al fresco, making blanket forts, riding in the weinermobile, wiggling in the grass, shopping for bowties, inadvertently licking things, and moving his hips like yeah. As a Spokespuppo for The Pixie Project, the Professor’s turn as a male model on Portland billboards has given other underdogs hope for a bright future. He’s well-known for his keynote lecture entitled, “Old Doggo Do a Good Puppers Too,” which Beverly has translated into Pig Latin for their porcine friends.

Izzy & Shiloh (Mitchell)

Izzy and Shilo have bonded like brother and sister.  Izzy is definitely the older sister at 9 and has her own personality.  She enjoys having her tail pulled on, tummy rubs and shoes…what perfect little lady doesn’t like shoes.  She likes to take naps in bed with either dad, and prefers a hip to sleep on. Izzy has a cute little voice when she speaks, which is not very often, but if she has something to say you will know it.  Izzy doesn’t lay down.  She flops over, with one dramatic plop! Shiloh is just a boy at age 7. He teases his sister, chases her and Izzy sometimes stops and raise her paw for one quick swat and Shiloh is put in his place, but he’s not sure what just happened. Shiloh is also a poser, when he lies down; his front paws are always crossed. But, he is also clumsy, with big feet, and a motor that won’t stop when you give him loves. Morning loves are his favorite. That, and a full bowl of food. He loves to eat.  He’s training to be a linebacker! They both like to eat. Chicken and BBQ pork are their favorites.  Izzy likes anything that is crunchy and salty.   These two have enriched our lives since we lost our Zoie of 19 years.  The Pixie Project made the transition easy and we are so glad we adopted Izzy and Shiloh.

Clem (Lily)

Please meet Clementine, aka Clem.  This sweet girl has a lot of favorite pastimes including, naps in the sunshine, sneaking food off the kitchen counter, chasing bumble bees, sneaking food out of grocery bags, long walks on the farm, sneaking food from the cat's bowl, giving kisses, sneaking food from the neighbor's garden, and charming people she meets with her heart of pure gold.

Clem makes a point to be friends with everyone....except squirrels.  She may be an old soul but she is a pup at heart and will happily hop in the car for a joyride, practice her early morning yoga routine, and keep up with anyone as long as she can be a part of the gang.

It's impossible not to smile when Clem is around.  She makes every day better.

Odin & Domino (Trang)

Odin and Domino are living miracles born as abandoned strays. They have never been apart and share a strong brotherly bond even when born among a litter of 5! Although close as can be; they couldn't be further apart in personality. Domino is loving, vocal and dependent while Odin is quiet, brooding and independent with the occasional need for attention. While he's blessed with just one eye, Odin makes up for it with his feistiness and caution when he feels threatened and is bested by no one in a game of hide and seek. Domino is a sweetheart who loves attention more than anything in the world- next to his brother of course. He's named lovingly for his interesting spots, and Odin is named after the Norse Allfather, who famously dons an eye patch after losing his eye in battle.

Jack Jack (Bee)

Jack Jack is an incredible dog with many nicknames and even a few theme songs! He recently relocated from sunny Texas to the rainy Pacific Northwest. One of the good things Jack has discovered about the colder weather is his ability to experiment with fashion. His booty starts wigglin as soon as he sees his favorite gray hoodie and he has a variety of different colored bandanas to choose from. Although they’re pretty little, Jack’s legs take him to some pretty tall places! In addition to being able to jump really high (like on to the big bed), Jack Jack enjoys going on outdoor adventures. Rocks and logs are like a fun obstacle course, but water seems to still be up for debate, especially the ocean kind. When he’s not out and about, Jack enjoys couch snuggles and toy hoarding. His cat roommates Hodor and Meera are more interested in Jack than Jack is of them, but he’s starting to warm up to the idea of kitty snuggles.

Cecil (Paul)

Cecil came into our lives earlier this year. Our hearts were still heavy from the loss of Crumpet last fall. He came to us with a playful energy and a loving spirit. Cecil never plays favorites, and loves to snuggle between us, regardless of location. His hobbies include collecting a large supply of squeaky toys to love,  nourish, chase, and return them to their home. Cecil has a growing list of many aunts and uncles who love on him, ready to “Cecil-sit” when we travel. He enjoys going on visits and is considering a career as a therapy dog or a professional cuddler. Cecil just turned three last week and we are truly blessed to be his dads.

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