Tag: AgeFriendly

Aging Smarter, Not Harder

April 17, 2023
There’s often challenges with aging gracefully when many systems we interact with are not age-friendly. Paul will provide some of his favorite self-advocacy tips, backed up with lots of experience…

Disrupting the Digital Divide: Creating Resilient Pathways for Older Adults (Richmond, BC)

September 19, 2022
Paul is honored to present his experience facilitating virtual conversations during the pandemic. He will discuss how these connections morphed over these past few years and have contributed to resilience…

Realness and Resilience: Reflections from Elders during COVID-19 (LeadingAge Washington)

May 3, 2021
Paul is passionate about presenting his recent findings to aging professionals at LeadingAge Washington’s 70th Annual Virtual Conference & Expo. His session will recognize and discuss the multitude of challenges…

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