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Coming Out as You: Stories Now Online!

November 29, 2019
Battle Ground High School vibrated with pride on October 20th when seven brave souls shared their coming out journeys to a packed house. This uplifting experience was captured on video…

Coming Out as You: Solé Kapralova

November 28, 2019
https://vimeo.com/375711062Solé relives a few awkward high school moments to help us understand her coming-out experience.#solekapralova #comingoutasyou #battleground

Coming Out as You: Joshua Thomas

November 28, 2019
https://vimeo.com/375711052Joshua takes the time to unpack years of internal struggles before his coming out to his family a decade ago. With honesty and humor, he lets us in to his…

Coming Out as You: Rhys & Melanie Davis

November 28, 2019
https://vimeo.com/375759300What’s it like to come out to your family and community as a fourteen year old in Battle Ground? This mother-daughter team relives those precious moments of self-discovery and authenticity.#rhysdavis


October 28, 2019
I learned so much in this festive, celebratory event.Thank you, storytellers, for your gift of vulnerability!We appreciate it so much, and we celebrate your resilience!I dream with you all of…


October 28, 2019
It really was amazing. One of the speakers reminded me so much of one of my kids. It was encouraging and empowering to hear their stories #battleground #comingoutasyou

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