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Kerry Heintze

April 22, 2020
Paul is a masterful storytelling coach and it was a joy to work with him. Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to awaken the heart. Paul skillfully and…

Igniting Voices Now Memorialized

March 5, 2020
Have you ever imagined what it’s like to be transgender or nonbinary? Do you ever wonder why some of them wanted to change and don’t feel right in the bodies…

Igniting Voices: Acchord

March 5, 2020
https://vimeo.com/394858994 Acchord’s touching musical performance rounded out our event. #ignitingvoices #firstunitarianportland #acchord

Igniting Voices: Dallas Schafte

March 5, 2020
https://vimeo.com/394859089 Dallas’ self-discovery started at a summer day camp and they explain future developments that help define their identity. #ignitingvoices #firstunitarianportland #dallasschafte

Igniting Voices: Jamison Green

March 5, 2020
https://vimeo.com/394857907 Jamison explains his journey before the right vocabulary existed and provides a valuable historical context to understanding trans identity. #ignitingvoices #firstunitarianportland #jamisongreen

Igniting Voices: Tyler Horan

March 5, 2020
https://vimeo.com/394857880 Tyler’s story is awkwardly jubilant and told with humor and heart. #ignitingvoices #firstunitarianportland #tylerhoran

Igniting Voices: Marilyn Lowles

March 5, 2020
https://vimeo.com/394857876 Marilyn’s evolution occurred later in life and reminds us that it’s never too late to change. #ignitingvoices #firstunitarianportland #marilynlowles

Igniting Voices: Rowan Everard

March 5, 2020
https://vimeo.com/394857832 Rowan’s search for self-acceptance and capacity for being loved is told with candor and warmth. #ignitingvoices #firstunitarianportland #rowaneverard

Igniting Voices: Ari Rain

March 5, 2020
https://vimeo.com/394857828 Ari benefits greatly from supportive community with his ability to put his own personal spin on his experience. #ignitingvoices #firstunitarianportland #arirain

PSU Vanguard: In Their Own Words

February 28, 2020
Visit https://psuvanguard.com/in-their-own-words/ for the news article Trans Lives Matter! The PSU Vanguard wrote about our event. Read it here! As I reflect on the success of our recent event, I…

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