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Connect! Create! Contribute!

May 6, 2019
While I have pulled together countless Older Americans Month programs over the years, I am convinced this year’s event will be one of the most memorable for years to come….

Our Bold Voices Presents: Rewired, Not Retired!

May 5, 2019
We will feature local older adults who have “retired” from traditional careers, only to find new meaning doing something very different. Through personal stories, we will learn more about their…

First Event at NW Documentary a Success!

March 21, 2019
Our Bold Voices held its first production at NW Documentary on March 15th. And Now What?! profiled five storytellers from our first year and each shared insightful updates to their…

And Now What?!

March 16, 2019
SOLD OUT Five OBV storytellers from 2018 will pick up where they left off last year. Online dating…career changes…spiritual journeys…nothing is off-limits. Join us at our first show at NW…

New Storytelling Event and Collaboration with NW Documentary

February 11, 2019
Our Bold Voices is excited to produce our next show with a new community partner, NW Documentary. And Now What?! will profile five storytellers from our first year; Denise Peña,…

Ken Brinson

January 21, 2019
Ken was born and raised in a small town in the rural South during the racially, politically, and uncivilly charged 1960’s…the foundation of a life spent searching for meaning and…

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