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COVIDOLOGY Book Launch Tour: Beaverton, OR

September 11, 2022
Beaverton Library will host a matinee performance at 2 PM followed by special 3 PM meet and greet reception. #sherecoleman #hollyrobison #pauliarrobino #russellalexanderorozco #westonanderson #judithashley #randacleavesabramson #michaelcoscia #beavertonarts #beavertonlibrary #ourboldvoices

How to Be a Better Ally Webinar

March 14, 2022
Presenter, Paul Iarrobino, is an accomplished speaker, trainer and trusted advisor with over three decades of gerontology experience. Imagine living openly, marching in pride parades and fundraising for community causes…

2022 National Service Training

March 14, 2022
Paul is pleased to share lessons learned from facilitating weekly virtual groups for older adults during a pandemic. He will provide important details and considerations when planning to start a…

Beaverton City Library: Against the Odds: True Stories of Underdogs, Longshots and Unlikely Heroes

January 17, 2022
Paul recently shared a story titled “My Entrepreneurial Growth Spurt” for Beaverton City Library. He travels down memory lane to reveal a story of his 15-year-old, socially awkward self and…

Against the Odds: True Stories of Underdogs, Longshots & Unlikely Heroes

December 6, 2021
Paul is excited to perform as a storyteller again on stage. This will be his first live storytelling performance since COVID-19 interrupted life as we know it. Paul will be…

November 4, 2021: Philips CPAP Recall—Now What?!

November 5, 2021
https://vimeo.com/642667525If you missed our Zoom session, here’s the recording of the webinar discussing the Philips CPAP recall, some examples of what people have gone through, as well as a Q&A…

Philips CPAP Recall—Now What?!

October 18, 2021
If you have sleep apnea, your doctor may have prescribed you a CPAP. Philips recalled their CPAP, BiPAP, and ventilator devices in June 2021 because of potential health risks. The…

Grosse Pointe Public Library: World AIDS Day–Remembering the Early Years

October 15, 2021
Join “Our Bold Voices” storytellers Paul Iarrobino and special guest Jim Sutherland  as they discuss the historical context of the early days of the AIDS epidemic. #WorldAIDSDay #UNAIDS #hiv #HIVGov

Henderson Libraries: World AIDS Day: Remembering the Early Days

October 15, 2021
Author and LGBT+ Historian, Jim Sutherland, relives the early days of the AIDS epidemic while living in San Francisco. He provides a moving account of his 70-day, 4,000-mile cross country…

FLCA 2021 Conference – Nourish to Flourish: Caring for the Caretakers: What I Am Learning About Resilience During a Pandemic

May 28, 2021
Paul is pleased to share what he’s learning about resilience with family life coaches from across the country. He will provide important details and considerations from what he’s learned over…

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