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Resilient Voices: Weston Anderson

October 12, 2019
https://vimeo.com/364834501 Weston is a writer and shares their experience from a global lens. #resilientvoices #westonanderson

Resilient Voices: Dr. Chris Evans

October 12, 2019
https://vimeo.com/364834464 ​Chris examines HIV from his experience shaped from the early days of the epidemic in New York City, to Texas and now in Portland.​ #resilientvoices #chrisevans

Resilient Voices: David Gibbs

October 12, 2019
https://vimeo.com/364834548 David had our audience spellbound with his journey of being diagnosed with HIV and lessons he is learning along the way that lead to self-acceptance and resilience. #resilientvoices #davidgibbs

Resilient Voices: Aging with HIV/AIDS

July 15, 2019
While the majority of people living with HIV in the United States are 50 years or older, there have been few opportunities for those already living and aging with HIV to…


January 21, 2019
Performances June 10, 2022: Rose Villa Pride 2022 Together AgainMay 21, 2022: Washington County LGBTQ+ Veterans PrideNovember 4, 2021: CPAP Recall—Now What?!October 14, 2021: Older Adult Travel IdeasSeptember 12, 2021:…

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