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Nick Chiacchiaro & Windrin ‘Cris’ Crisostomos

March 4, 2019
Nick and Cris both come from strong family and cultural backgrounds: Nick is Italian and Cris is Dominican/Greek. Energetic, outgoing and artistic perfectly describes both of them, yet their opposite…

How We Met Game Show

March 4, 2019
How well did our couples do with each other‘s habits? Watch and find out! https://youtu.be/96Xqhfio1H4 #howwemet #ellenyarnell #cynthiabutts #heidigreen #jamesgreen #judgekemp #ericschnell #nickchiacchiaro #windrincrisostomos


January 21, 2019
Performances June 10, 2022: Rose Villa Pride 2022 Together AgainMay 21, 2022: Washington County LGBTQ+ Veterans PrideNovember 4, 2021: CPAP Recall—Now What?!October 14, 2021: Older Adult Travel IdeasSeptember 12, 2021:…

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