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Rachelle Basso

December 11, 2021
Paul Iarrobino, along with author and LGBT+ historian Jim Sutherland, presented an informative and moving World AIDS Day virtual program for the Henderson Libraries District. Paul led the discussion with…

Grosse Pointe Public Library: World AIDS Day–Remembering the Early Years

October 15, 2021
Join “Our Bold Voices” storytellers Paul Iarrobino and special guest Jim Sutherland  as they discuss the historical context of the early days of the AIDS epidemic. #WorldAIDSDay #UNAIDS #hiv #HIVGov

Henderson Libraries: World AIDS Day: Remembering the Early Days

October 15, 2021
Author and LGBT+ Historian, Jim Sutherland, relives the early days of the AIDS epidemic while living in San Francisco. He provides a moving account of his 70-day, 4,000-mile cross country…

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