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As a first time story teller, I didn’t know what to expect. Whatever expectations I had were greatly exceeded, and I credit this to Paul. He was so thoughtful and supportive throughout the whole process. He got the story tellers together so that we got to know each other, which only greatly added to the experience and bonded us all in a very special way. Paul was always available and very responsive to any questions or concerns that may have come up and did a great job explaining as he walked us through. Paul is simply the best!

—Denise Peña

Paul asked the right questions that led me to develop a story filled with truth, depth, and creativity. His coaching comes directly from his big heart filled with empathy and humor.  I felt very supported and am a better storyteller because of the coaching I received from Paul.

—Ellen Wolfson

Bravo for Our Bold Voices!!!

For me, working with Our Bold Voices (OBV) was an evolutionary experience into the embodiment of who I am as a woman, mother, community member, activist, dreamer, everyday stargazer, and human being.

We all have STORIES don’t we? Working with both Paul and Arnel was purely magical as if their talent for bringing story tellers together was only matched by the way they elevated each story teller’s will to embrace the soul of their personal story and celebrate their own individual rain dance!

The confidence, joy, and empowerment that I gained through the incredible hand dance between me and the amazing audience and the cheering of my co-storytellers gave me the boldness to forever live the gift of storytelling!

—Cosette “CoCo” Leary

Being newly retired, I’ve been reflecting on my life.  Working with Paul has allowed me to focus on the themes that connect the dots in my experiences.  I’ve been able to enjoy those times at a deeper level of appreciation for the wisdom I gained and shared.  Creating my 10 minute stories with the small, diverse  groups Paul creates, brings me the gifts of intimacy and hope.  Paul is an exceptionally skilled coach and makes the challenge FUN!

—Gini Graham

Although I had done public speaking in the past, storytelling was a whole new experience with its own skills set and challenges. With a lot of help from Paul, I was able to put together a story that was not a speech nor a lecture, but a true sharing of myself. Great encouragement and empathy made the process enjoyable and rewarding. Paul CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

—Carol Brownlow


It was a wonderful evening, full of lots of energy and five wonderful stories.  Those women’s “bold voices” were a perfect compliment to the celebration of International Women’s Day.  And the Family Preservation Project pitch fit in so well with the whole tenor of the evening.

I would call “Nevertheless, she persisted” a resounding success!


T’was a fun show! I really felt transported to the places and time the story tellers were describing. Daring, “bold” , and brave folks! Thank you all.


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It was a brilliant night with amazing stories told by incredible women!  BRAVO!!!

The diversity in stories was fantastic... yet all relatable --- too relatable from laugthter to tears, it was a great night.

Great job to everyone!  So much heart, so much courage.  I loved it!

Fantastic show!  I'll be back for sure ❤️

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening full of fascinating stories of courage and inspiration and love ❤️

It was done so well and an evening of uplifting heartfelt story tellers. I'm inspired to join storytellers in Portland!

Each story was powerful and unique- and the storyteller’s were amazing!  So glad we were there!

The show was tender, powerful and engaging.  Thank you.

Enjoyed this event as the first time for storytelling for me , very inspirational, thank you to all the storytellers.

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